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Interlink Products International Inc. ("Interlink") has been a world leader in shower innovation for two decades, designing high-quality shower products for major US retailers and famous shower brands.

Our fashionable HotelSpa®, DreamSpa® and Hydroluxe® brands truly redefine shower luxury. They offer superior quality, breathtaking design, latest innovation and unmatched value.

With advanced engineering, sophisticated design and over 40 US patents, our products offer innovative features and benefits not found in other showers. They include better quality accessories than most other national brands and meet or exceed highest performance and durability standards. In addition, many of our unique shower systems integrate added convenience and hydrotherapy applications, delivering extra mobility, easier reach and a healthier Spa experience.

Our company is known for:


Once you purchase any of our products, you will enjoy Gold-standard Customer Service second to none. Most of our products come with Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty backed by our unprecedented 24-hour part replacement policy. Our dedicated shower experts are just a phone call away to assist you.


Did you know that several key shower assortment segments now carried by most major US retailer were originally developed by Interlink? We were the first to launch these ground-breaking innovations in the US market:


Few examples of how Interlink adds product value by improving quality, adding features and lowering cost.

Problem Solution
The design flow in all water diverters causes them to swivel around shower arm, loosening the connection. Interlink's Patented Position-lock Diverter. Its innovative design provides more secure connection while dramatically reducing product cost by eliminating unnecessary brass parts.
At 6 feet high, fixed-mount shower heads are difficult to clean Interlink's Patented Universal Shower Quick-connect. It allows users to instantly remove and reconnect shower head for easy cleaning or replacement, without tools or plumbing work. Shower Quick-connect can be used to create the new generation of quick-connect shower heads, shower arms and shower hoses.
Brass became prohibitively expensive, as result making Rain Showers with brass extension arms unaffordable. Interlink's 12" Adjustable Extension Arm. It saves 50% of the cost without sacrificing durability by using brass only on stress-bearing parts.


  • Hydro-powered rotary shower/massager
  • Universal shower quick-connect
  • Compact 4-jet mini shower panel
  • NutraFlo water enrichment dispenser
  • Position-lock water diverter
  • Drill-free forward tilt Hydroflo slide bar
  • Drill-free silicone-mount wall slide bar
  • Drill-free hand shower brackets with adjustable angle  (3 designs)
  • Drill-free shower towel bar
  • Angle-adjustable showerhead connector
  • Low-cost ABS/brass extension arm
  • Tri-fold shower packaging
  • Innovative 2-tone plated finishes


High performance meets high fashion with our latest trend-setting designs that include newest styles from top European designers.  From Classic to Contemporary, nobody provides more choices for building the successful shower category.

In addition to extensive selection of latest styles and finishes, we offer multiple custom-design options tailored to your specific needs.  We are the only company that offers matching fixed-mount and handheld showers in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” face size Options in all finishes.

By integrating highest quality craftsmanship with state-of-the-art engineering and sophisticated rich look, our exclusive showers offer irresistible value to the most demanding bath decor connoisseur.