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What's The Best Shower Filter?

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As we all know, the water quality can be less than optimal. So if you are suffering from dry skin and chlorine smell, you may need to purchase shower filter.  Harmful Effects of Chlorine include:

  • Daily showering with chlorine-treated water is the leading cause of dry damaged skin, flaky scalp and limp hair
  • Prolonged exposure to high levels of chlorine can also lead to skin disorders, respiratory illness and even some forms of cancer
  • As you shower, harmful chlorine and its steam vapors generated by hot water are absorbed by your body through skin
  • By dramatically reducing levels of chlorine and other harmful compounds in your shower water, you will avoid further intoxication and improve your health

Good news is that the filters are not that expensive today and the results are worth everything! If you have a shower head that you love, you can purchase the  shower filter itself, or you can replace your old showerhead with a Luxury Filtered Shower Head that comes with Replaceable 3-Stage Cartridge built in!   AquaCare™ by HotelSpa® Universal 3-Stage Shower Filter Cartridge is packed with the ultimate combination of three most powerful water-filtration media (KDF, Calcium Sulfite and Active Carbon) to:

  • Remove Chlorine and its vapors, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, minerals and impurities from your shower water.
  • Reduce exposure to radioactive Iodine, Radon and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Discourage growth of mold, fungi and algae
  • Improve water’s pH Balance

The cartriges for water filters last 6 months on average before a replacement is needed. The filters are easy to install and require no tools to install or replace the cartridge. Taking a shower with the new filter is now our luxury "me time!

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